“…Water damage always happens when you’re not home..”

The holidays will be here before you know it! Here are 3 tips to protect your home this holiday season

Tip 1

Going on vacation? Turn off your water main. Why? Because water damage always happens when you’re not home.

Tip 2

Having a holiday party? Besides making sure everyone is wearing a mask and practicing proper social distancing, leave a basket by the front door and have everyone who attends leave their car keys when they walk in. Just in case someone has a little too much to drink, you can offer to get them an Uber home and you know where their keys are.

Tip 3

The number one cause of insurance claims is Christmas Tree fires! Water the tree, pre-inspect the lights and don’t put your tree near an open flame. Have any questions or want to know more about protecting your home this holiday season?

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