About the Branna Agency

What does it mean to be called a “family business” in the 21st century? Does it mean we’re stuck in the past with old ideas and outdated technology? NO WAY!

We’ve been doing business in the area for nearly 45 years, and in that time we’ve done everything we can to keep up with our client’s needs. We’re continually making sure we represent the best insurance companies in the state of New Jersey. We want to give you the best option for your insurance AND at the best price.

Whether you call or visit our office, you can expect to be greeted by a knowledgeable, licensed insurance professional. There is always a “Branna” in the office! It might be Penne, Chris or Stephanie or any combination of the three. The next generation is often hanging around, too. Any one of the five grandchildren might be here if you stop by. You may even see Augie here from time to time! Our staff has been here for years, too.

So stop in for a visit! Even if it’s just for a piece of chocolate from our bottomless candy jar!

Visit our office and help yourself to a delivious candy!